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The other day when I flew down to Hong Kong I went to the cockpit to say hi to some pilots I know but the strange thing is that the one was practising for his landing at Chek Lap Kok while the other was racing their actual flight.They both had the PSS A340 pro and MSFS 2004. When I got back from Hong Kong I stayed at home [Mauritius] and after a few days I flew down to London. The pilots on that flight were also playing the flight simulator [I'm surprised]. When I was back at my seat I started to wonder why I wanted to fly the simulator when actualy I was in the real thing [A340-300].The thought doesn't last to long when I start looking

❓ ❓ So I'd just like to ask if you guys ever started to want to play on the FS when you were in an actual plane, why is it that I [or you guys as well] want to play the Flight Sim when I'm [or you] in the actual Plane and why do pilots play the game when they are busy flying an actual plane. ❓ ❓

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Where's the spirit tonight. No one is answering my Q.

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I've thought about it before, because it'd be quite cool to follow the flight as you are flying it and taking off and landing etc using real world weather to see if its real etc etc. But the laptop I have wouldn't last more than 2 hours with FS so no luck there 😞


They might be on the consulting team for FS10. They might want to use FS to practice their approach. They might just be trying to stay awake.

Just heard that the European aviation authorities have given the OK for pilots to take a nap during flight.

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