dose your dog do this?

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bless him!!

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That dog doesn't look well

Although, I am determined Cats have no control over their tails. I have seen my cat be scared by it's tail a few times now - very funny

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That is not a happy animal. Its likely a psycological problem but it could have an infection or foreign body in its paw which is causing it to act like that. I hope its owner was motivated to take it to a vet in the same way they were motvated to put the video up for strangers to watch. Some people don't deserve animals.

There was a tragic story in the UK at the weekend about a 5 year old girl who was killed by two Rottweilers. They were guard dogs at a pub and she was the managers daughter. It is so sad and my heart goes out to her family. I have Rottweilers and they are lovely animals full of energy. A child should never be left alone with a dog no matter the breed. I'm not saying the dogs were badly raised as is usually the case in these stories but a dog is either a trained guard dog or a family pet. It cant be both.
Dogs are pack animals and when there is more than one they can become unpredictable. Of the four I've had all of them were loving pets. One of them was a bit wayward with strangers as a puppy but he was a dog who are more territorial than bitches. Animals arn't on this earth for our entertainment.

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Poor dog... 😞

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oh man thats sad...i feel bad for that dog 😞

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My best guess is that without the bone, the dog acts normally. Why he/she sees the rear leg as something trying to steal the bone, I don't know. I have seen other dogs exhibit similar behavior.

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If anyone is tempted to install AOL software because it is now free, my suggestion is don't.

It is incredibly bloated and clunky, and when you uninstall it, leaves 59 files and folders on your computer, including some that are activated via the registry. Since I didn't count all the files in those folders, the number of files is probably much higher.

This software makes MS look like saints. I call it crapware.

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