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Hello Everyone!
I was looking for something to do this weekend, so I decided to take out the paintbrush!

Vistaliners released their 727-100 in June. I couldn't pass up painting it!

My repaint of VP-BDJ is based on photos. The TRUMP titles, as well as the tail, are "photo-realistic". I painted it from scratch - I didn't use anything from my VP-BDJ repaint of the 722! I think this new paint turned out a LOT better than my repaint of the 722 last year.

There's still a lot more work to do on this a/c! Comments/suggestions are welcome!

P.S. I think VP-BDJ, as well as Mr. Trump's helicopter, N76DT, are flying under new tail numbers. If you check on, VP-BDJ has been inactive for 54 days, and N76DT has been inactive for 154 days! I hope new tail numbers is the cause. There are some rumors that VP-BDJ was traded in for a 757! Crying or Very sad

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Nice to see you Chris 😀

You repaint are great and proffesional 👍

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Very Nice repaint Chris 👏

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Nice repaint. It sucks that you can't upload it to any website, until it is officially released. Right now it's just a beta.

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Faucett First Officer

That looks fantastic. You're hired!! 😂

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Chris102 wrote:

Vistaliners released their 727-100 in June.

You sure that was Vistaliners Chris? I've only got -200s and would love those textures you made, they look very sleek 👍
Do you have a link to that 721 and please come back and link us to your textures once they're uploaded.

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