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For those that want to know.

Windows version & end of support date

Windowsa NT4 1st Jan 2005
Windows 98 11 July 2006
Windows ME 11 July 2006 <<Also known as the Mistake Edition
Windows XP SP 1 10 October 2006
Windows XP SP 2 12 Months after SP3
Windows 2000 SP4 Unknown (Extended Support)

SP3 for XP is due some time next year presumably importing IE7 & Media Player 11 into XP.

Those that are using Windows 2000, Microsoft is being abit tactical here as a large number of business are using it. Normally Micorsoft ends it support 12 months after the last service pack.

Basical Micorsoft wants us (the general & gamers market) to upgrade to Vista as soon as possible.


If nothing changes, the OEM version will more than likely be released to builders in Novemeber. So expect to see some pre-Christmas Dell's may ship with Vista installed. Retail version are more than likely to appear around 30 Jan 2007 along with Office 2007.

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Good info thanks!

I have disks from MS with SP1 and SP2 for XP Home.
I was looking for one complete (zip) download of all the updates for 9X.
I still have an old machine that I run it on and if I want to reinstall I won't be able to get the updates.
I hope they do that with XP also.
I've mentioned it in a survey of theirs but received ( did I really expect to) no response from them.

I think I.E.7 final will be out in December but I've read suggestions not to install it for a month or so until you know that it's stable.
It will be available as a 2nd Tuesday download along with the other updates.
You will be able to download a tool that will prevent it from installing for (I believe) 6 months. This is a practice they started for business's that didn't want to update immediately.


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I started a dialog about IE7. I works fine both in browsing ans in FS9.1, and the kneeboard works too. I didn't use any of the betas for IE 7. I understand it wasn't very friendly.

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What about windows 2003?


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What is Windows 2003????

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The latest server OS

Windows 2003 Server Edition, the child of Windows 2000

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