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A post by an old friend, Chris102 regarding the often poor quality of some freeware aircraft windows (a grey elliptical blob), broaches a subject that I have been dabbling in for several months. I have, in some of my repaint jobs changed the windows of several types of a/c and have a library of windows in several variations. (Passengers visible, window blinds, reflective surface, etc, etc). One important point I have noted is that Jimmy Smith's 747 windows are different to Tommy Jone's 747 windows so it is important that any change to the windows must be done to the same a/c file in the majority of cases.
Hinch's method of sending Chris a PSD format file is probably the best way of making better quality windows available but is limited to those people who have Photoshop and a fair level of knowdedge in manipulating same.
There is another way - sending the windows in the TIFF file format (it retains the all important transparency required and although usually quite large in size can often be transferred by a File Hosting Service). This also requires a photo editor with layer properties and, of course, the ability to read the TIFF format.
I personally use Serif PhotoPlus 10, which has the ability to read and edit PSD and TIFF files.

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i too like to change the windows i find the best way is certainly to cut them out from photos. see my psd link below if you want it.

another way of distributing features could be in a bitmap format such as png or gif to save any artifacting but with the windows themseleves with none antialiased (rough) edges. then the user could highlight the white area, select the inverse (windows) and resize (thus smoothing them, removing jaggies).

this also requires a paint program of some substance. psp7 may be able to do the above but it won't do a good job when compared to photoshop.

some boeing windows:

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I have also tried cutting out photos and unless it has been a straight on perspective then you are limited to the number of windows you can get the right shape.
I think that unless the windows are edited in the original repaint then the transfer by any means is beyond the means of most simmers for one reason or another.

I have been dabbling with trying to get a 3D effect but am not there yet.
Going to have a look at your sites PSD files after this - thanks for the tip.

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