As Real As It Gets?

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Want realistic scenery, realistic airctaft handling? Want to feel as though you're actualy in the air?

This might be your alternative to FSX.

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hinch Chief Captain

haha i would love that!

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PanAmerican Captain

I rather have that then FSX!

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brownbox Captain

i want that!! Crying or Very sad

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Karlw Captain

I want a Boeing 747-200/400/800,Boeing 787,777 Airbus-340,airbus-380

and millions more lol 😂

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hms_endeavour Chief Captain

well why don't you get one then??? Buy an electric rc plane, and a wireless camera and goggle, everything for about 300-400$ and there ya go(when there's good weather) huh?That's expensive you say? Well it's cheaper than spendin 1500$ on a new system.

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brownbox Captain

yes but a 1500$ system can do more things than a rc plane with a camera on it... oh boy, how fun it would be to fly that thing in a thuderstorm 🙄

im not very good with any flying r/c toys. both the plane and helicopter broke on landing 😞

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hms_endeavour Chief Captain

True.True.But the sensation must be exceptional.It probably would be fun to fly it in a thunderstorm, but i think the consequences keep people from doing that 😀

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brownbox Captain

note to self*
One thing to do before I die: fly a RC plane into a thunderstorm 😛

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Wing-man First Officer

Dear................... Santa.................. Secret

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Insight Chief Captain

lol excellent!

Did you see he even put in mini instruments? Couldn't see if they worked or not - but a nice touch 🙂

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

Wing-man wrote:

Dear................... Santa.................. Secret

Excellent impressive idea 😳 .Lovely video ❤️

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hinch Chief Captain

i've been googling this, but i can't anything on how to do it. has anyone else seen owt around? i've nowt better to spend my student loan on!

Madbrit Guest

There are a few other videos on the right of the page that show some details of what he’s using but he’s not giving too much away, and I don’t blame him. Nice little kit to get a manufacturer to put together for sale.

Here’s my thoughts on what you’d need.

The vehicle/aircraft is being controlled using a regular r/c transmitter.

Looks like he’s using a miniature surveillance camera on a mount connected to a plate controlled by two servers. The camera would need to be connected to a video transmitter with a range of a couple of thousand feet. Both are readily available on the net.

Small 1/3" Camera with Case

This is the smallest camera with case and audio in the security market. This size is only 28 x 28 x 14mm for pinhole lens (3.7mm) and 28x28x28mm for standard lens (3.6 mm). The lens is built on the case to allow the size to be this tiny. It provides Super Sharp Image and Crystal Clear Sound. It has a high resolution of 430 tv lines and a low illumination of 0.01LUX at F:1.2. It has a wide range of working application. It also comes with RCA connector and mounting bracket. Just plug and play. Color does not have audio. 35mmX35mmX35mm.

H-KPC-700 ( color )

High Power 2.4GHz Video+Audio Transmitter #H15-2400VH
High Output Audio Video transmitter.1 Watt output. 12 VDC power input. Range 3000 feet. Four channel selectable. High gain antenna 5db.

There are miniature transmitters available that have a range of over 7 miles but the price starts climbing above $3000.

The video receiver is connected to the video input of a portable VCR/DVD recorder. (Allows the video to be passed through to the goggles and records the flight at the same time)

A short-range transmitter sends the VCR/DVD video output to a receiver attached to the goggles.

The goggles are the same as those used for gaming. They have a gyro that senses up/down and left/right movement and converts the movement to a signal to send to a transmitter that controls the two servers for the camera mount.

Estimated Costs:

Miniature colour camera $150
High Power video transmitter and receiver (vehicle to VCR/DVD) $150
Portable VCR/DVD recorder $250
Short-range video Transmitter and Receiver (VCR/DVD to goggles) $150
3D goggles $200
Transmitter for gyro signals to camera mount servers (use spare channels on main controller or adapt a cheap two axis control box $50

Total estimated costs around $1000. Shopping around could probably reduce the price.

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