Tower Controller in FSX Deluxe Question

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What in the hell is the Tower Controller does and what feature is that???

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saint4 Guest

It allows you to be the atc. (Air traffic controller)

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claytonlocher Trainee

It allows you to be in a control tower with all of the instruments in front of you. You can see the planes move around the airport, just like a real one. I'm not sure if you can control AI traffic or not. It might only be part of multiplayer.

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chrissie Trainee

Ok thanks!!!!!!!!

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PIC1stOfficer First Officer

Sounds good. 🙂

Daniebj Guest

here's a very simple ATC-sim.: ➡

you can hear live ATC here: ➡

B753Pilot Guest


Just thought I would let you guys know that their is a group of people dedicated to builiding radar clients.

You can talk to a developer and find out more by visiting our teamspeak server,

We create some of the best ATC radar clients for online community's, they are free to request and they take up to 3 weeks to build.

B753Pilot Guest my bad!

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