Landing gear position.

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I was just going through some pictures and was wondering why different planes have different way of the landing gear position.
A340s have main gear to the rear and centre gear to front, in 747s all gear is directed to the rear with centre ones really hard, almost vertical, 777s have gear paralel to the ground (with nose up while landing) and 767 to front? I know it depends which tires will touch the ground first, but what difference does it make?

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just taking a wild guess, im sure it is all to do with spreading the weight of the aircraft over all the wheels evenly.
Lets wait and see what some of Flyaways experts have to say.... 😉

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As I learnt, this is just to have the Center of Gravity (CG) of the aircraft centered or in a position where the aircraft can be stabilized.

Brownbox's answer is right.

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