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Last summer I built a computer just for flight simming to help me get ready for AF pilot training. I loaded nothing but windows and flight simulator with the T-37 microsim, updated terrain mesh and USA roads. Now that I'm finishing with Tweets I've started to look for T-38C flight simulator models. I can't find any! I've looked everywhere that I know to look with no luck.

I'm getting desperate. If anyone knows if a t-38c panel exists let me know. Otherwise I might be selling my computer. The big stuff is listed below. I know how much I spent but don't know what I'd ask so if you can't help me find a T-38C panel - make me an offer.

AMD Athalon 64-4000
GeForce 6800 Ultra
Corsair TWINX20483200C2PT
WD Raptor WD360GD
Dell UltraSharp 2405FPW

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You posted this a while back in the Aircraft Forum and I did an extensive search for a "panel only".
I couldn't find one anywhere.
Maybe someone else can.
You might ask a panel maker of he can do one for you or get this software and make one yourself.

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kentheflyer, maybe you'll get better results on the Fighterops forums or maybe Lock On forums, their more into that sort of craft. 😉

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