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I'm interested in seeing how creative other people are with their aircraft.
So, what modifications have you made to the aircraft that you have downloaded.

For me, I added the Nukem effect to my Boeing 747. It looks pretty cool.

I've also changed the smoke system on the IFDG A319. Now instead of white vapor trails, it has red, white, and blue smoke that come out from the engines.

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...I added the Nukem effect ...

A file name would be nice 🙂)

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Here's the file name:

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Tailhook Chief Captain

Ah thanks, I'll go and see if surclaro let me in today 😀

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Tailhook Chief Captain

Umm... Now the most difficult decision is which aircraft to add the effect to Juggle

I'm working on it Hack

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Tailhook Chief Captain

My new Tornado then...

Yeah... baby 😳 ROFL

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Those are beautiful screenshots of a fantastic looking aircraft!


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Michael Thomas (SteveT) Chief Captain

lol awesome effect tailhook 😛

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I see somebody likee my Nuke effect. cool.


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ARD-DC First Officer

Gah..poor people... 😕

Nice shots tho TH 🙂 what plane is that?

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