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I have been having some trouble with my J/S, it is type Logitech Extreme 3D Pro.
I was on a nice relaxing flight from Boeing Field to Vancouver Intl when after climbing and i began to set auto throttle and heading, when all of a sudden my B747 took a sharp left turn and began to bank violently, the rudder had been locked into full-left position. I somehow managed to get myself back to Boeing Field (a nice challenge) where i quit and calibrated my J/S 4 times and had the same problem but with different controls eg stabiliser, ailerons, all sorts of important controls.

What should i do, should i buy a new J/S (which i've been wanting to do now) or is there some type of special calibration technique that i haven't discovered.

All help appreciated


ps. how do you take screenshots on fs9?

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For your screenshots use GrabClipSave, you can get it here ➡

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I've got the same stick, been using it for little over a year now without any problems whatsoever, so I can't say much to help I'm afraid.

Did you try completely uninstalling/removing everything related to your joystick from your HD, and reïnstalling?

You can download the latest drivers here

Joey JoJo Guest

I've tried everything under the sun to get it to work, and the only thing i can say worked is that when i have this problem, simply i disconnect it and reconnect it and it works fine, thanks for all help!

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