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Sindre Henriksen (gothgod) Trainee

How can I change it to anything but the ones appearing on the default list? I see some of you've got Snoopy and Dark Side of The Moon cover, e.g.

How can I use my own personal picture of choice?

Thanks for any help!

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Go to Profile at the top and go to the bottom of that page.

You can upload one from your machine by finding the file saved on your hard drive or you can put the link of an image in it. Note, avatars have pixel restrictions so it'll have to be a sensible size first.

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spitfiresrule First Officer

Also if you want to find a cool avtar just google avatar and you will get a whole bunch of site with avatars

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Sindre Henriksen (gothgod) Trainee

nice thanx 🙂

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Sindre Henriksen (gothgod) Trainee

yester I found where I could to add my own personal picture.
but today when I am at a different computer I only find it possible to add a default avatar!

it says "add avatar" on the left and in the middle it says "list" and thats is a link and at the right for "list" it displays a scrolling gif images/the default avatars!

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Tailhook Chief Captain

..avatars have pixel restrictions so it'll have to be a sensible size first..

Oh how I wish signatures had to be a sensible size too.
Help! Help! Help! Help! Help!

Anyone know a special prayer?

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