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Cowl flaps and booster pumps B-17

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A quick question gents/ladies.
I know the cowl flaps are opened when starting engines but at what point are they closed and when are the fuel booster pumps used?I've looked in my B-17 docs and can't seem to find any info on this subject.I recently had a problem where i was climbing at 1000ft/min passing 8000ft , throttles full open, airport altitude was 5000 ft ASL and i just had no power,stalled, and crashed and burned. Apart from this one time i've had no problems flying the B-17.(Flaps were raised).

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Normally, the cowl flaps are left open during taxi, takeoff and climb and closed during cruise, descent and landing. Open the cowl flaps after landing. They are used to help regulate CHT and to a point, oil temperature.

Cowl Flap Position Control - Cowl Flaps are opened during high power/low airspeed operations like takeoff to maximize the volume of cooling airflow over the engine's cooling fins.
Cylinder Head Temperature Gauge - Indicates the temperature of all cylinder heads or on a single CHT system, the hottest head. A Cylinder Head Temperature Gauge has a much shorter response time than the oil temperature gauge, so it can alert the pilot to a developing cooling issue more quickly. Engine overheating may be caused by:
1. Running too long at a high power setting.
2. Poor leaning technique
3. Restricting the volume of cooling airflow too much.
4. Insufficient delivery of lubricating oil to the engine's moving parts.

Fuel booster pumps are normally on for takeoff, turn then off at a safe altitude(above 1500 ft. AGL). Turn on before beginning approach. Turn off after landing. Fuel boost pumps are used during critical portions of flight to guard against loss of engine driven fuel pumps.🙂

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Welshflyer Guest

Thank you CRJCapt,
I didn't have the booster pumps switched on at takeoff. Thanks again for your help.

Shoe Guest

I'm building a B-17 model. If I'm depicting the aircraft in the Air, then I guess the expensive mod for cowl flaps open would not be appropriate. Is that correct? Thanks for any info.

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