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Calling all taildraggers

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tomthetank Chief Captain

You are going to like this I think
Goto the missions and select emergency.There is a taildraggers delight there with some pretty spectacular scenery(even on my old relic of a PC)Some pretty tough flying and a tricky landing to be had and a very greatful pilot(if you complete the mission)

(I will be honest here,I needed to be rescued the 1st time Embarassed )

ROFL And I said I would only try one of the missions ROFL

Keep on tweaking,its all trial and error.Just tweak a bit at a time and it gets better and better 😉

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RadarMan Chief Captain

I wasn't even going to look at the missions but that sounds like fun.
Tonight and I'll report back to you.


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KenTel First Officer

Hi TTT. that sounds fun! Will give that a looksie 4 sure. BTW have you tried the nVidia card tuner "eHancer", someone here posted the URL, and I've tried it, there is an update which covers dual-core and SLI working, and it seems to have improved mine some.

I'm gradually getting up to a decent speed now, I set it at 22fps and it runs quite well.

And you can tweak while running FSX, by using the ALT key, run 'eHancer', change a few adjustments, and then straight back into FSX.

I must get a copy of Pete Dawsons FSUIP, I have the free one, but would like the extras from the registered version, which he has rewritten for FSX. There are many possibilities, and I'm trying those out, which I can find.

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Charlie10 First Officer

Try flying the Maule from some sandy beaches or corn fields. It's an amazing plane (simulator or the real thing)

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