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yeh, mike stones hangar does (find the site name in the sticky in aircraft forum.) The planes are all self install and very nice to fly, well made, some of my fav. add on planes from this site. there are more but this the only one I know.🙂.

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Autoinstall is ok, sometimes,but it's best to extract to a temp folder and do it from there because then you begin to understand how flightsim works and if any problems occur you have a basic knowledge of how to solve them.I find it's always good practice to manually install aircraft and scenery because, most importantlly, you know where you have put everything and you know where to remove it from if things go wrong!

Sorry if this does'nt help!

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pokey1694 wrote:

does anyone have a site besides that when you download the plane it automaticly installs so u dont need to do all the extracting stuff.

pokey1694 you are inviting trouble and bucking for punishment.

Far be it from me to discourage you in anything, but you will suffer sooner rather than later if you don't learn the basics.
And the basics is "How to install add-on aircraft manually".

Do yourself a favour and take Welshflyer's post to heart. Yes

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pokey1694 wrote:

trust me, i HAVE tried to learn how to manually install but first of all i need winzip or winrar and i dont want have to pay for them.


If you have Windows XP you don't NEED any of those. If you're still on Windows 98 download ZipGenius for free from here:

It's better than WinZip and WinRar put together and less confusing.

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As an experiment, just hover your cursor above any .zip file you've already downloaded. Right-click and select Extract All... from the drop-down menu.
Just keep following the prompts. (Keep clicking Next and Finish at the end.)
Now you should have two items with identical names in front of you, one being the original .zip folder and the other one a new folder containing the unzipped / extracted files.

Now you can double-click on the new, unzipped folder and search for the Readme file(s) and or Installation instructions. Take it from there. 😉

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