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I was on a flight from LKVG to EIDW and all was going well until the ILS approach came with the GS etc..Now first of all I am not an expert at this ILS stuff..and i have only just learnt how to do it. My autopilot set me up heading - RWY 28 of Dublin Intl..and I waited for my Legacy to follow the glideslope..but aircraft simply flew over the runway at my current altitidue at that time of approximately 2500 feet. Now my curious question..why did this happen and what did I do wrong???!

Was I too high..I was at about 2500 feet from Dublin Intl with 5nm to this time I also engaged the Approach button...or it might have been at about 4nm...should I have engaged this earlier in order for the Legacy to follow the GS and capture the localiser etc..?

Any help is greatly appreciated 😉

Thanks guys. 🙂

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Make sure you always intercept the glideslope from below, otherwise APP will just follow the localizer. And make sure you have altitude hold off.


Half right, leave ALT hold on with APR mode selected. You should have APR mode selected well before you intercept the GS(10 miles).

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APR should hold the current altitude. At least on most. I'm trying to remember the Legacy though.

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At approx 10-15 nm from the airport when the ILS diamonds move, engage the APPR and have the altitude hold.Once the localiser is intercepted, it goes on to intercept the glideslope once it starts moving on your screen.Once it capture the GS it automatically disengages the ALT Hold and you should be coming down...Hitting the APPR button at just 4 nm doesn't seem logical as you are very near the airport and it would be capturing the glideslope from above which is not very good...

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Rule of the thumb is: At 10nm out, be about 3000 ft AGL and 30-40 degrees from the ILS track. The rest (about how to use the autopilot) as mentioned above.

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