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512mb or 256mb?

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Following on from a previous thread, is having 512 on a graphics card all beit lower end, always better than a 256mb card at mid range???

Thanks guys, important decisions here!!

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Im quite interested to see the results of this thread.

I currently have 256 onboard graphics which is ok at the minute but I want to up the settings of scenery etc.

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Many graphics companies put high amounts of GDDR memory on their lower end GFX cards, so the purchaser thinks the product is better than it is. In reality the low end GFX cards usually cannot use the high amount of memory efficiently. High end Cards like the x1950XTX for example use 512MB of memory, but are far more Efficient cards and make use of the 512MB of memory better.
For instance a 256MB 7600GT will embarass a ATI x1600PRO 512MB performance wise. Best search the internet for some benchmarks.

Need anymore help just ask innit. 🙂

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well, seeing as the price is so cheap, i have ordered one anyway, as its not too much of a hit to the old pocket, so i will post results soon.

I know, buy cheap pay dear, but lets see what happens!!


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GeForce 7950 GX2, nuff said. Wink

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more memory won't make a slow card faster.

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Depends on what card it is.......

And don't be fooled, you get what you pay for dude.

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