***Flight Simulator X Rewards***

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Pilots earn rewards for completing various missions and reaching specific accomplishments throughout the game. The following is a list of known rewards:

First Landing
25 Landings
100 Landings
Landings at 10 Airports
Bombardier Trophy
Spot Landing
Stunt Pilot of the Year
Wings Vs Wheels Race
Red Bull Course Record

Medals (Tutorial #)
Tin Wings (1)
Aluminum Wings (2)
Bronze Wings (3)
Rubber Wings (4)
Fabric Wings (5)
Gold Wings (6)
Carbon Wings (7)
Iron Wings ( 8 )
Aluminum Rotors (9)
Bronze Rotors (10)
Steel Rotors (11)
Titanium Rotors (12)
10 Total Hours

10 Flour Power Hits
50 Flour Power Hits
100 Flour Power Hits
Aerial Park Patrol
Blackbird Spotter
Ultralight Thrill Seeker

Special Items
Celebrity Autograph
Ceremonial Mask
Cursed Idol
Flower Lei
Red Bull Team Contract

Homeland Security Investigation Photo
Humpback Whale
Layover in Paradise
Sitka Sunset

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

A sticky maybe 🙄 😉

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Tailhook Chief Captain

Why is this in the Screenshots Forum?

lemonwonder Guest

Cool, so do you have to do the things like first landing and land at 10 airports etc in mission mode or free flight?

(I dont have the game workin yet, updraging graphics card so I dont know)

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i love looking at these things when i win some

orionll Guest

Once I was just playing around in my logbook and I changed landings to 200 and it gave me the 1st landing, 25 landings, 100 landings, and 200 landings rewards. Now to figure out how to remove the rewards that I didn't really earn 🙄


Wie repariere ich eine beschÃĪdigte RWD Datei ?

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