Lining up with the runway on final approach

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I am new to this, I would really appreciate some help and pointers on how to line up the aircraft on final approach.........

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new simmer wrote:

I am new to this, I would really appreciate some help and pointers on how to line up the aircraft on final approach.........

You have asked kind of a broad question. Probably the best thing you could do is go to lessons. They will guide you
through the landing process on the Cessna 172.

By lining up do you mean setting your rate of decent or physically lining up straight with the runway?

Elkin Guest

2 ways.

1- Fly directly to the airport, positively I.D the runway you want to land on and fly away for a bit, note your heading. Turn around at the same bank angle and fly back to the field on the heading opposite in which you flew away from the airport. This is a ,,, way.

2- Use a navaid that is on the field. Such as a LOC, VOR, NDB. Track the navaid to the airport (Obviously track the radial, bearing etc., that is aligned with the runway. Manuever to begin tracking this 'beam' about 20 miles away.

If you want to get real tech, there are the lessons and such. Real world is very similar. You sometimes cannot see the runway until you are right on it.

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Elkin's advice is good......

The only pointers I would add are:-

- The slower you come in, the easier it is to straighten up and descend to the Runway at the right rate.....

- To fly slow, you need to use FLAPS, so if you're flying the Cessna 172, slow to about 90 knts with 1st flap setting, then 75-80 knts with full flaps, this will bring you in nice and steadily, while you straighten up.

New simmer Guest

Thank you all.......

I guess there is no magical formula to do this besides more practice.....I do appreciate your help though......

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if you want ILS approach help, I made a 6-point guide for it. Ask Radarman, i dont know how to link to it

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