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For anyone who can hep me!

hey pilots i have a huge problem lining up the aircraft to the runway and also directing the airplane into the correct positioning to land 100 nm away! i just need someone to tell me which is the best way to do this and how to do it .. tell me what instruments i have to use and so on...

thanx for reading and i hope someone will tell me asap hehe..

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Well depends in what plane you are flying. Lets say you flying the b737, the most importent that you wanna know about landings, its the HDI ( heading Indicator), VSI (vertical speed indicator) Speed indicator, and attitude indicator, and altitude indicator. Your descent rate doesnt wanna be more then 1.8 or in other words( 1800 ft/per min) make sure that in the attitude indicator your nose pitch is not n a stal position, not more then 15 degrees up in descent, and not more ten 5 degrees down in descnet,if you wanna make your passengers happy 😉 . If the ATC telling you to land or approach RWY 32, you are looking at the HDI, looking for heading 320 and thing for yourself how would you navigate your self to the approach and line up, sometimes the ATC in IFR plans, they help you with descents, and headings. so the HDI take a big role on descents, landings, and approaches. when you approach the rwy, for big planes try not to make your VSI rate more then 1.0(1000ft/min) or more then 0.9 (900 ft/min) sometimes it depends on the speeds too. You dont wanna go too fast or too slow on landings, remember if you go really slow, you will have your rate of descnet more and you can stall the plane, and then the G accures, and you crash, you dont want that. so the best way of appraoches is looking at the heading indicator and visualize where is the RWY and how to approach it from whihc angle, speed not to fast, not to slow, and VSI ( make sure you got nice rate of descent not too much), and last one the altitude, if you are 30 miles out from RWY and at 900 ft, you are gonna crash or its a bad landing.

Another importent thing is, each RWY has red and yellow lights:

3 y 1 red = abit high from glide slope.

4 y 0 red =too high

2 y 2 red = good approach on a good descent rate

1 y 3 red = abit low

0 y 4 red = way too low

enjoy flying, if its complicated, I sujjest you take trainings 😉

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Take a look at this ILS approach guide! It should help you
Good luck! 😉

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