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On the Learjet when do I know I am at the right height and in line with the runway when landing using ILS, The HSI seems to difer from the Cessna which I understand

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The HSI has little yellow arrows on the far left & right side of the instrument. This is the glide slope indication. The course deviation bar (D-bar for short) is the localizer indication. You can rotate the course selector knob to put the D-bar (segmented yellow line) vertically so its easier to interpret. The color may or may not be yellow but you get what I'm saying.

Be sure to intercept from underneath the glide slope. 320-Ft. of altitude for every nautical mile of distance from the runway.

Top of descent = .003 X (Altitude - airport elevation)

Altitude & elevation as they appear on the altimeter.

Descent rate in fpm = 5 X True airspeed

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