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To All:

I have recently modified 1U6 to be a major airport. I have painted a couple aircraft so far, and added flight plans to the airport. Here is what I am asking, If any of you would like to repaint an AI aircraft for me, could you do so and include the following:
Name: Oakley Hornets

Paint needs to include colors red & white.

Any aircraft will be great, and if you would like, use the font Edwardian Script and sign your name at the front of the aircraft. This is too supoort my local town.

Thank You.

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How do you change airports to major/regional ones? I'd like to do that with my home airport.

PanAm Guest

You use a program called AFCAD2. Then mess around till you get your airport the way you want it.

lemonwonder Guest

Ok, I am not a genius at repaints, but.... ill have a whip..

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