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I have a brand new, fairly zippy PC (not top of the line for power gaming, etc., but the graphics and speed I get out of it are excellent with FS04. I just want to know what to set all my sensitivities to and what some of the odd terms mean. i.e. Null zone? I think I read an answer to someone else posting this same question but I couldn't find it again. Guidance please! There seems to be a lot of playroom with the settings and I just want to figure out what's optimal. Thanks!

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this is really an individual thing. after a while you tweak your computer and FS9 enough so that it fits you liking best. to me there really isnt a best type of sensitivity...if sensitivity means what your FS( stettings handle like. im not quite sure what you mean but im doing my best... 😉 . BTW welcome to FlyAway! 😀 😉

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Firstly welcome to Flyaway, though i see you joined before me, and secondly happy new computer!
Earthqu8kes is right in what he says.The setting up of the sensitivities,framerates,scenery density, etc is a process of trial and error until it feels right for you and what your computer is capable of. It's taken me near enough 2 years to get FS2004 running and looking just how i want it .But that's 1/2 the fun, looking for what you want, to put on your sim, to run the way you want.

Happy simming!

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Welcome to Flyaway ctalbotjones!

Please don't post this type of question in the Aircraft Forum in the future - thank you 😉

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Welcome ctalbotjones, let's see if I can give you something to go by for your control settings. Go to Settings-Sensitivities then click Advanced. The sliders don't have graduated scales so I'll specify position by percent of travel, left to right. These settings are individualistic so experiment for what feels right for you and your controller type. I assume you're using a joystick and not the keyboard. Don't use XBOX controllers, leave them for playing GAMES. 🙂

Sensitivities- The effectiveness or strength of the control.
Null zone- The size of the dead spot at the center of control travel, slack in the control response. With a large Null zone, small control movements have no effect.

Ailerons-Start with the sensitivity set at 50% with a Null zone of 10%

Elevator-Start with the sensitivity set at 50% with a Null zone of 10%.

Throttle- You want sensitivity at 100% with a Null zone of 95-100%.

Rudder- You want sensitivity at 95% with a Null zone of 10%.

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Hey Tailhook, he's new. And, where is he supposed to post it if not in FS9
I think CRJCapt answsered the question very well.

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