Confirmed Arrival Routes for Major US Cities

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These are the real life arrival routes used by all airlines flying into these major cities in the US. I have been able to double-check this information with a captain at American Airlines, so I can promise that these are the real deal. These will make your sim flights more realistic and easier as you will be well aligned with the proper runway in plenty of time. Hopefully I will be adding more cities.

Flying into LaGuardia airport (NY) from the west:
Flying into Chicago from the East:
Pullman4 RWY 22R
Flying to Honolulu from Los Angeles:
Maggi3 RWY 8L
Flying into Los Angeles Int'l:
Civet4 RWY 25L (or use Mitt)

I work in retail and any time a pilot walks into our store, I chat him up a bit and pick up tips and confirmations for what would otherwise be guesswork on my part. Luckily these guys are friendly and cooperative and they have been a big help in taking the mystery out of what goes on in the cockpits of a real airliner. I share this to help any beginners or mid-level simmers who want to get the most from their hobby.

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very nice information although not very detailed...what i mean by that is that there are a lot more airport out there than just KORD, KLGA, PHNL, and KLAX. it would be great if there were a website like Flight Aware but with this info.

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They are called STAR's, you can check them all out at

And at you can check real routes.

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