science project ideas...

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hello everyone my school science fair is coming up and it is a required grade.

I need some ideas on what i could do...something with areodynamics possibly?...

one of my ideas was to find the best aircraft wing.... as in the aircraft wing that is better areodynamically set, smoothest and what not.

anyway i would love to hear some ideas

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a model wing with ribbons on and blow a fan at it and show how lift is created. We don't have science fairs so i don't really know what it entails but there is my idea.

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Could get a C172 in FSX and do a loop to loop

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😀

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2 options

"Do birds really explode if you feed them baking soda?"


"Petrol water bottle rocket with an office water dispenser bottle"

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If you are doing something aerodynamic that involves lift and need to measure the lift you could put the plane on a scale, see the weight; then blow some air on it with a fan and see how much lighter it is.
I saw this on Mythbusters... one of the coolest shows ever.

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Mythbusters is pretty cool...

Back on topic, aerodynamics would be pretty hard to test stuff on. Perhaps instead of the best wing, do the best propeller, and see which size/shape creates the most pulling force. Heck I dont know 😉

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I dont know what im going to do either...... but its manditory and ive got to find something...

maybe ill do something with Firearms? 🙄

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A couple of the posters touched on a key idea in science: measurement. Think about how you will MEASURE whatever it is you want to test. Instead of testing every kind of wing/propellor/widget and saying "This one is best," come up with a clever way to measure every kind of wing/propellor/widget. Use a fish scale, pulleys, springs, a laser, smoke and mirrors, whatever, and come with a novel measurement technique. Test it in a few different configurations, and plot the results. That's really how science is done.


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