Jetways: Doors have to be open or closed?

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I bet you have all read messages like this but I have searched the forum and I cannot find a post that solves my problem. Which is pretty straight foward, they won't connect!

Do my doors have to be opened or closed before I use the keyboard command which is ctrl and J but nothing and same with fuel truck. My settings are all on high or very high so whats up with this?

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I think open, someone posted that. Both passenger and cargo.
You have to be in a space or that green bar will come up at the top and tell you to get in one.


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Murfi First Officer

Nope it still didn´t work! I have Advanced Animations switched on but they still won´t connect, doors open, engines off, parked correctly, brakes on press Ctrl and J and nothing. All my setting are high or very high. anyone know any other reasons why this happens.

lemonwonder Guest

Best to ring microsoft and ask.... might get some money if its a bug! (just there so u dont needa type)

Guest Guest

I talked to a microsoft rep about these jetways. He tried to help, but all efforts were negative. He said you have to follow the progressive taxi route from ATC, all the doors have to be open and you have to be parked perfectly. I've done all that and my jetways still don't move. Fuel trucks, baggage trucks, tugs and everything work fine....but no jetway. It's one of those "it don't work for any other reason than....because."[/list]

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