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Whenever i download an aircraft from POSKY the scenery becomes all blurry and sometimes invisible. Does this happen to anybody? Any Comments?

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7dream8liner7 Guest

I can't help you on this one. It doesn't happen to me. You might want to move this to the Aircraft forum in FSX or FS9 depending of which simulator you use. More people might help you there.

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hinch Chief Captain

most posky aircraft come without mips - so i think your pc may be forcing them as it doesn't have enough memory or graphics power.

mip maps are lower resolution textures - so that if you are viewing from far away it saves memory by changing to a lower resolution.

you need a program called DXTBmp (google it) and convert the textures to a format called DXT3. make sure the 'include mip maps' box is unchecked when you save.

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David Mathew Covarrubias (David_MC) Trainee

i have the same problem with IFDG, Posky, and the vc of captain sims 757.

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