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Hey New member here......Sorry if this sounds kinda Redundant but i just joined and i am having problems downloading Aircraft...I actually downloaded the Harrier ok and it works....But i am trying to download the F16 and the BAe 146 but it isn't showing up in my fs9.....When i downloaded the Harrier i extracted it from winzip to my desktop and everything went into one folder and the folder was named correctly...So then i put it straight into my aircraft folder into fs9 and it worked.....But when i downloaded the F16 & BAE 146 it comes out in seperate folders....i then went to put them in there assigned folders but it won't show in fs9......Any Suggestions?

P.S that harrier is one fast Aircraft!!! Whooya 😳 I i thought the lear was fast!!!! lol

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Read this and see if it helps. Also check the read-me that comes with the download.


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Hi Thx.....

I did that but it still won't work....Am i not unzipping correctly? I had the same problem before i loaded the Harrier...Then i just put the files on my desktop and the file was named correctly w/ all the files in the harrier file panel, gauges, aircraft ect ect..So then i put that one file into the aircraft file of fs9...and it worked........I tried doing that with the BAe 145 but it isn't showing up...The file is in the Aircraft file but not on fs9...Thats where im lost......

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Think i figured it out....The file i was downloading for the F-16B had multiple files in it.......I found the one aircraft file with the panel, Gauges, sound and texture in it....then pasted it into fs9 and then deleted the rest and it worked...........

F-16 is one Sweet ride by the way 👍

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