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CPU temperature

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Spoty101 First Officer

i downloaded this Motherboard monitor which measures ur cpu temperature and my CPU temp is 32 degrees, all I have is like 3 main fans and how can that lower the cpu temperature to 32 degrees, do u think its something faulty with the motherboard monitor?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

That's 32 degrees Celsius not Fahrenheit


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Spoty101 First Officer

imnot sure about that because I set it to farenheit and it says 32 degrees farenheit, weird

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Could be something wrong with the software you downloaded maybe ❓ If its 32 Centre grade then you have nothing to worry about because this would be normal.

Most BIOs state what the temperature is like for the CPU. Have you checked the BIOs?

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Charlie10 First Officer

You might try un-installing it, re-downloading it, and re-installing it. If it is set to farenheit, it is not reading correctly. With a good cooler you could be looking at 85F, with just fans more like 105F+.

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