SUPER COOL!!!!!!!!! FLY in 3-D

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I read this in another forum, so I tried it, and it works!
I realize there are NEWER drivers out, but I had older drivers and wanted to update-so I gave it a try. I can actually see in 3-D with red/blue glasses! I also tried messing around with it on Ghost Recon, and found myself DUCKING under tree branches! It also worked on Nascar Racing 2003 giving me a real driving cockpit, and some sense of depth perception on the track.

In FS2K4, What I noticed most was in the vrtual cockpit mode-it felt as if you were actually inside an aircraft, and also the external veiws took on some added dimentions that were far out!!!

If you have a newer NVIDEA card-give it a try!
I am definatly going to be playing Ghost recon with it,and still checking other games, as it is supposed to work with any game!


"Wow, for those of you with red/blue glasses (or any other type of 3D visualizing device), you're in for the experience of your life if you use the new 91.31 Nvidia Stereo 3D driver with the 91.31 Nvidia Forceware driver and enable the stereo in FS9. 3D flying is absolutely incredible and worked first time I tried it.

I had attempted with older Nvidia 3d drivers to use FS9 and always got crashes but this is awesome. The only thing I couldn't get to work with 3D was using my two side by side monitors in horizontal span mode. This is a must see and it really didn't seem to affect frame rates."

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I've tried it and it's very VERY cool! combine it with trackIR and you've got a HIT!

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sounds cool...except for that i dont have a nvidia card. 😞

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ooo i got a nvidia card. If only I had the glasses 😞

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I've got the stunna 3D glasses...and I wear them at night hahhaha

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