taxi / landing light fix ?

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( fsx ) i have a plane that i love to fly. a turbo beaver. I cant seem to get the taxi/landing lights to actually light up the runway. They are coming on when i look at the plane but wont illuminate the runway.
I have been through the cfg files and played with it like crazy but cant get it to work. Any help would be appreciated 🙂

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I think because only GMAX and specially programmed FSDS aircraft are capable of doing this. (They are design tools).

Email this designer and ask if this will work in FSX or if he is coming out with an FSX version.



I certainly hope someone comes up with a fix for this soon. There is one outthere already: XENON I just don't want to pay more money for the installation of this sim; I don't mean to be stingy Embarassed
Hope someone comes with a fix soon

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The (Turbo) Beaver is a taildragger and the high angle of attack compounds the lighting direction problem. FSX, fortunately, has a "tilt" command for the landing light. CTRL+SHIFT+Num Pad; 2=down; 4=left, 6=rigt; 8=up; and 5 will center back to normal. I find I need the 2/down most of the time. I usually fly(sim) the Turbo Beaver out of old Z22, Willow Alaska, where I used to fly a lot. For real, I flew the Beaver and not the Turbo. The Norden Norseman was my favorite bush plane.

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