Frame Rate problem with FS9

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Samir Carali (MSR777) Trainee

Hi Friends,

I am getting 2 to 4 frame rate per/sec when using PMDG aircrafts & 5 to 11 on using default aircrafts.

Is there is way to tweak FS9 and/or MS Win XP to increase the frame rate number?

I am using a Celeron {R} CPU 2.66GHz, 512MB of RAM with a Nvidia GeForce FX5200,128MB display adapter.

I have tried to lower the Display settings to minimum, removing all add-on sceneries, still having the same problem.

Any help please.

Thanks in advance.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Your card is very old, you can use another 512mb of ram but it's mainly your video card.
That CPU isn't as powerful as a normal one. Celeron is a low power one.


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pilatflyr First Officer

the card is almost everything when it comes to fps. i would recommend something newer with at least 256MB, such as the ATI Radeon 9250, you can get it at compusa for 90 bucks

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brownbox Captain

FX5200. This would probably be a AGP right? If so, Id get a 512mb Geforce 7600GS. They should only cost around $90 😉

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pilatflyr First Officer

considering the difference they make with your whole system, it's worth the money...and it's not that much anyway

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Samir Carali (MSR777) Trainee

Thank you for your help. Will try to consider changing the card with a higher memory.

Great day.

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MSR777 wrote:

Thank you for your help. Will try to consider changing the card with a higher memory.

Great day.

with all the above being quite true, I myself ran FS9 with that card on medium settings and got up to 25 fps - on occasion. Granted I did have 1 GB of ram and a P3.0 Ghz processor.

Much to my surprise, (and I can assure you - not a pleasant one) when I pulled out $ 170,- to buy an ATI X1600 Pro AGP 512 mb my FPS only increased by 5 to 10.

So far I have exhausted every means I could think of to improve it, from trying different ATI and Omega drivers, upgrading latest mobo drivers, clean installation, overclocking and so on, but to absolutely no avail.

Seen as this card performs more than 10x better (benchmarks) than the FX5200 obviously I expected a lot more, and I cant imagine that 1 gig of RAM and a P3.0 can only produce 30 fps at max, so I am inclined to think that my mobo now became the limiting factor.

Anyway - long story short, dont blow loads of money on an expensive card when what you buy goes way over what the rest of your system can support.

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