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Ok, I got this baby going. I found my ultimate 747!!!. All is good. This plane is the ultimate. It was easier than I thought. I simply added the panels, numerically sequenced them and all is good.

What I have now is: A beautiful 747 (RFP) . It has a very descent VC. I can stand in the middle of the cockpit and reach to the overhead, the Engineers panel and go through the entire start sequence in this mode. (The entire start!! From cold and dark to all engines running!)

about 90% of the entire systems are modelled. - The pressurisation, aircon, hyd, VERY real and accurate fuel panel including pressure fueling/defueling and jettisoning!! , The entire cockpit is re-created to about 80 percent MINIMUM!!!

I can then open the cockpit door and walk into the upperdeck and go down the spiral staircase and through out the forward and after section a&b cabins. (The entire cockpit, upperdeck, spiral staircase, forward first class and cabin a& b are VC!! AND GOOD too!
When I get to the aft cabin door I can go through it and I am in a 2d foto cabin. I can then go throughout the cabin including: The galley, the lavatory (The lights come on and the toilet flushes), to a passenger seat, sit, look out the window, pull down the tray and be searved a meal by the attendant. She speaks too! As well as 4 others that speak. I can even go to the rear galley and catch an attendant changing!!!!

When in the cockpit, I can view a camera of the cabin where pax are viewing a screen showing flight data and a movie (At cruise) It is a very simple xml file.

This is what I have been working on for the past week or so. I have frusterated the staff at the RFP forum site, confused the members,, I am sorry for this. But now I have what I have been working on.

This sim is the ultimate. The RFP boys with there 747-200 ADD on is great!!! Top Notch! S-combo, all the pax/combi/fuel/tko calculators. It is utterly stunning.

Oh yeah!! It has TCAS, WXradar, 3 INS's, complete GPWS and cabin/Flight crew interaction!!!

Thank you all.

If anyone is interisted, I can assist. The entire project took a little over 3 hours. And that is with me having to reseach some items.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

That sound almost unbelievable, after all that satisfying work how about a few screen shots.


Elkin Guest

It is quite wonderful!!! I am happy with it. Remember when I was a clueless noload a month ago? Not knowing how to do anything? Well, I have come a long way. I just cannot believe the amount of emersive detail this program has!!! It is phenominal!!!

I am a pilot that is down medically and I probably won't fly again. This program is very interisting.

I will put together some shots.

I just did put together some shots allready of the exterior. I just posted them. They should be available soon.

I'll get some of the interior and such.

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Its the interior that we want to see, flushing toilets Umm...


Elkin Guest

I put 4 shots in using screen hunter. There is no real confidence in proof that these shots get in. I posted 8 till now and have not seen one of them.

The screen in the sim is different. On the screen, there are various labled buttons. For example, there are buttons (simicons) on her blouse, the wall, the toilet flush, etc. When you click on one of them, the action occurs. This how you can 'walk' around. You go to a view, click and it takes you to the next place/action. Quite clever really. No frame hits because it is changing 2D views.

Elkin Guest

Ok, I re-submitted the shots in JPEG format. All should be good.

Elkin Guest

Now I really got a good plane!! I now know how to tune the suspension on each individual gear. It sways, and if I turn too sharp on the ground, the engines will scrape!!!! This REALLY pisses maintnance off!!! HA! HA!

I have this plane tricked out good. It is a lot of fun..

Too much!

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

You have to tell me where/how you aqquired this aircraft...or face my wrath! 😛

Elkin Guest

Ok! I will send you all the files etc, tell you where to get them, send you copies of my cfg's. Hey!!!!! We have to stick together!!!

Tell me what you want fellow flyer!!!

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

We shall meet on yahoo!


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Elkinallen First Officer

Ok FEM, we can meet when you want.

That goes for anyone else that would like assistance ideas and such. I'm a pilot also that instructed for a while, flew for an airline, the forest service and and and. I am happy to participate and answer Q's.

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