name some good airports to fly to/from/around

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lookin for some scenic airports. either international or little airfields dont mind just fancy a change from my usual destinations

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If your looking for adventure try this.

If you want beauty try the Greek isles, the Florida keys, anywhere in the south pacific and you can check the scenery downloads, install an upgrade to an existing airport (Hawaii) or even buy an add on scenery and go from there.
For fun you can go to Alaska and do touch and go with all the small airstrips they have there.


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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

My favourites with default scenery would be:-

- Flying low over Seattle and trying to land in that stadium!

- Greek Islands are nice

- Canary Islands are well represented

- Alaska

- STEER CLEAR OF ANTARCTICA - I went there yesterday but there are Mesh errors and if you try to land on some bits of land, Flight Sim treats it as though you landed in water and it's game over! If you stick to the Landing Strips it's ok, and some are in the middle of the water so quite challenging but the graphics are jumpy and poor.

- Go for some Scenery add-ons... I just bought "HOLIDAY RESORTS" and it's SUPERB! Sharm-El-Sheikh, Male (Maldives), Honalulu and Dominican Republic... superb graphics, moving vehicles at the Airports, a love Twin Otter Plane... really good.

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😀 The-GPS-Kid has the right idea as far as im concerned,the Greek isles and the Canary Islands

Plenty of good ad ons for Greece here ➡

I know that most is for fs2002,but it works in fs9 😀

New updated Greek scenery. ➡

Also a great new(?) scenery for the Canary Islands called "Canary04" It Covers all of the Canaries and updates all airports (you may have to tweak one or two with Afcad2.....usual problem of aircraft parked inside buildings........just pull the parking space back)Also adds towns and villages to where they should be
The left hand view into GCTS Rway 08 is almost as it is 😀

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Elkinallen First Officer

AQY in Alaska SAN San diego There even rollercoasters there WIT the trains going!!!
Princess Juliana St. Maarten netherlands Antillies

BREMEN Deutschland!!!

BTW Anyone know of an addon the adds the Coronado Bridge in San Diego?!?!

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RadarMan Chief Captain

I have had that bridge since it came out. he did a super job building it.

If you want to see a fantastic bridge I added this one also a while back.


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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

I personally like these...They're simple enough, and i've been to all of them...heck, one of them i live next to

INT. Airports

KGRR Gerald R. Ford Intl airport, Grand Rapids, MI

Cherry Capital -Traverse City MI

Wexford County -Cadillac MI ( I live ner it)

Chicago O'haire (My Favorite)

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Elkinallen First Officer

Wow! Thanks so much RadarMan.

Amazing how this bridge was left out!!! The King's You know John and Martha? They live there!! Have so for EVER. Their flight center is based there. They had a great influence on the making of FS9. Still the bridge was left out. Kinda odd, that's all.

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Jason (Av8r77) First Officer

AQY is wild...

Not a place that's easy to get into.

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Fredericia01 First Officer

😀 If you are up to a challenge,then thereĀ“s plenty of them here 😀

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Fo anyone who hasn't yet checked out the default scenery of NIAGRA FALLS it is well worth a flight from BUFFALO over the NIGARA INTL...

If you're struggling to find the Falls, bring te Map up and you can see that their is a "ATC RESTRICTION ZONE" that loops right around the falls.

You aren't suppose to fly below 3499 feet over the falls but the rebel in me led me to fly it at 1000 feet to get a better view.

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Paiute First Officer

Another interesting one is Catalina Airport (KAVX) on Santa Catalina Island. Landing there on a direct flight from Los Angeles would qualify it as a "dangerous airport". At the near end of the runway is a 1,600 foot sheer cliff. If you are too low on the glide slope you will have a chance to scream before you go "splat". Also, the runway has potholes and some soft spots, plus you can't see aircraft on the far end of the runway.

Use a small airplane for this one--the runway is only 3,000 ft. long.

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Why not fly into Princess Juliant, St.Maarten in a 747 or 7E7! lol some job getting it in, i just done it in an A319 ans still missend the runway

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try flying out to sea from san francisco there is a ship offshore that turns out to be an aircraft carrier just tried to land acessna skylane but had to do a bolter no tailhook

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Chris102 Chief Captain

Fly from the airport near me! Wilkes Barre/Scranton International

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