My pc just recognizes my fsx DVDs sometimes


Hi there,

i can't manage to install my FSX well,
because my pc just recoginizes my dvds sometimes. Th installation starts till my computer asks to insert the 2nd dvd, but he does not recognizes him. When I try to install again I have to restart my computer several times, till he can read the dvd succesfully. I uninstalled all my virtual drives and I have no Nero or something else, Can someone please help me?

thx in advance

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Turk Guest

I have the exact same error.. is there any help?

Spam3d Guest

how old are you dvd drives? older ones get problems reading new dvd as my friend had the same problem.

Pro Member Chief Captain
CRJCapt Chief Captain

I don't have FSX and I'm no expert but I'll throw some ideas at you.

1. Clean the disk
2. Use a DVD-ROM if you have one, instead of a DVD-RW.
3. There seems to be a problem with Internet Explorer 7 and Flight Simulator, you may have to revert back to IE6.
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4. Disable your anti-virus.
5. Shutdown unnecessary programs running in the background.

Just some ideas. 🙂

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