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Hi all,

I fly mostly long hauls,but they are over land.
Now I want to fly from Europe to US but I must cross the Atlantic.
I fly on the IVAO network zo I have to contact GANDER RADIO.
But you have to fly at coordinates and I wonder if you can add the coordinats to youre FMC.I know that in the upper panel is a small display with Long and Lattitude but I want to fly it automaticly.Someone has a solution pls?

many greets
(Nice forum btw,only the payment is a bit weard 😛 )

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To explain the how's of the LDS FMS in one forumpost isn't really viable, the manual itself contains dozens of pages on the FMS, and isn't even that elaborate (although very good).

Suggest you read the manual, (in my opinion you need to - considering you haven't yet identified the display at the top left of the overhead panel as the IRS panel) then have a look at the FMC and try to get yoursefl started. Let us know where you get stuck if you do.
At least then we have a starting point from where we can give you pointers.

If the manual is too much for you, this lovely bird may not be for you...in my opinion you won't be able to properly fly this piece of art without extensive reading.

Not to discourage you, but I recently went through the same process of getting to know this plane (i'm far from finished - mind you), and I couldn't ever have done it without the manual.

Good luck!

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