Why can't my 757 sim work like the 767 Level D?

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I'm looking for a 757 add-on (FS9) which is equivalent to Level D 767 in framerate and realism.

I own various add-on's but the Level D seems to have the best sound, system realism and is framerate friendly - something that is particular concern of mine.

I recently bought PSS 757 Prof and found it to be virtually unuseable on my system - very slow frames indeed. Yet, I could not see why as Level D works so amazingly well! Does anyone have any thoughts?

My system should, in theory, handle it well: P4, 1024Mb, Radeon X550.

Ok. it isn't the best system but it runs Level D like a dream whilst this PSS 757 is awful.

Is it possible to transfer a 757 body model to the level D flight deck/panel set-up?

Thanks for your help.

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I don't think it's possible to make that switch, and even if you did manage to make some files work with the level-d 767 my bet is they are corrupted like crazy.

Question to you: Why don't you just fly the level d 767, it has great realism, and indeed an awesome frame rate, especially considering it's so realistic. And most of the time you spend in the cockpit, not different then 757, so the small differents in model won't ne noticed at all. I think your wasting your time trying to cross 757 with 767. You already have a great 767. Enjoy it, I do.

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You might want to try the Project Opensky 757's (freeware) and add a panel and sound of your choice, they really are excellent!

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Lol, yeah that could work, alias the panel + sounds to Level-D 767, but you won't have VC.

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