Has anyone tried Airbus FlyByWire Version 2.0 by Apollo?

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My first post here... I've been happily using Phoenix Simulation Software's Airbus Pro package for close to 2 years. Although I am generally very happy with it, I feel my joystick inputs control the aircraft a bit too directly. I am able to fly to a stall and crash as well as fly directly into mountains and such (I do this to see whether I can, not because I'm stupid.)
I recently have learned of the Apollo Airbus package. They present a very convincing case on their website that their flight model is more realistic: http://www.apollosoftware.com/products/FlyByWire/FlyByWire_english.pdf
So, does anyone here have experience with it? It would be nice to hear an opinion before I commit to spending $50 on it.
I must admit that I am spoiled by PSS' great panels, FMGC, etc. -- just getting a bit bored. By the way, I don't care about exterior aircraft detail, liveries, or virtual cockpit. I just want an A320 with good 2D panels that behaves like it should.
Thanks in advance...[/url]

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