AIRBUS "Fly By Wire" Version 2.0, payware (CD) for

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Just wondering if anyone has the following payware :-

(Considering it, as need a decent A320 for my Hangar)

AIRBUS Fly By Wire Version 2.0 for FS2004

.....If anyone has this, could you write a few words and tell me if it's anygood ?

Thanks. 😉

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It sounds good.........spent enough this week
I fly any of the iFDG Airbus models(there are a few in the d/load section here on this site
Another good one is from err SGA? not sure,I have no links at the moment,and aerodesigns also do a good freeware model

You can also find a d'load for the iFDG models which updates the handling so its more like flybywire

Hope it helps

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Cheers TTT but my FS environment is 100% stand-alone (virus-free!), in other words, I can't download at home... so payware on CD is the way I go...

Well I love the Just Flight / PSS A340, so I took the plunge and ordered this 'Airbus Fly By Wire' add-on.....

It comes with a selection of A319s / A320s / A330s and A340s ........ It has some tasty extras such as a fully working TCAS Radar system, for spotting other planes while in the air !

A GPS Kid review will be forthcoming in a week or so when it arrives!

Also ordered Cessna 421C 'Golden Eagle' add-on..... I have some fab Airline add-ons but only default GA crafts, so I wanted to try out a good (=expensive!), commercial GA add-on.... It comes with an upgraded GPS, etc, etc..

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