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Hi Everyone, I am having difficulties with FS X, abouut 20 mins into flight when I change the view from outside spot back to cockpit the computer goes to blue screen and restarts my computer. it only happens when I change views. I have tried reinstalling the game, Direct x 9c, and drivers for joystick. The Hardware checks out fine using a burn in program to load them up and I am running Speed Fan to keep an eye on temps, nothing over 44 Deg C... All out of ideas. System is AMD 3600+ Dual Core, 2 gig of ram and 7600 gt Graphics. Could someone please Help..Thank-you

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i think it's a glitch in the game not your system because i just got a brand new packard bell thats built for gaming with a GeForce 7900. Mine crashes to blue screen too but only when i fly an aircraft with more than 50 seats. It's fine for all other planes so as far as I know it's a glitch. I'll keep you informed.

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You say you have reinstalled the drivers for everything bar the GFX card 😳
Try updating them or try an earlier version of the driver

Also are you using one of those GFX overclocking programs that ship with some cards?If you are try it without the overclock


Thanks for your replys guys, I have solved the problem, well my friend did, he read the dumped memory files and found that it is the sound card crashing, its the on board ac97...seems flight sim x doesn't like it !! We disabled it and no more problems !! might have to replace it with another because even updating the drivers didn't help....Thanks for your input guys...apreciated 😀

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