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hello first sory for bad english! i have played flight sim for long amount of time and i am dissapoint now as it has slowd down. i did clean my pc case other day and component has falen pc is very slow? i cant get good fps at even low seting? plese help! i have research speed and maybe i have lost megahurtz from chip? any help would be gratful ..david

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The best that you can do is reinstall Windows and FS9 also.

If you want to check your PC's sytem free go to and run the full test.


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You mean that a component actually fell out of your computer? There aren't many things that can fall out of a computer and have it still run-- what does the component look like? If it is a memory board, the computer would probably run, but that would certainly slow it down.

When the computer boots up, it will run a Power-On Self Test, and it will tell you how much memory it has-- watch that and see what it says.

The other thing that will really slow down your machine is a virus, or spyware. Have you run a good virus scan and spyware scan lately? That's the first thing I do when it starts running slow.

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when theres a sound card missing, fs goes real slow, no matter what your system specs are. Im talking about 5-10fps. Hope this helps 😉

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