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Hi there, I upgraded to GE Pro and all of a sudden the water texture looks so weird. The color is light blue, there are huge ripples seen from FL390 and 40 miles away. Even in the night the water shows tropical light blue and this spooky ripples and waves that are large enough to cover 2 miles do I get back the previous water that looked dark and calm?

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nottobe wrote:

I can't see anything, post a better screenshot.


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OK , it has something to do with the Sight Distance in Display/weather option. I used to pull the slider to the left end which is 60 nm. Coz the edge was kind of cut off at high alt, so I moved the slider to the right which I think is 140 nm. This is how it causes problem: the water texture is not rendered beyond 60nm, so if I move the slider to the right, there is 80nm water area is not rendered, thats why I see this light blue color with weird ripples(FS default water?)....
Now I would like to know a remedy to fix this problem, I want the horizon to extend to 140nm, while the water beyond 60nm is still rendered. Does anybody know anything abt this? thanks

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