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Ricado Guest

The new issue of FS Inflight magazine is now out and it makes an excellent read, there's some pretty good reviews in it this month.

Check it out. 😉

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😀 Thanks Ricado 😀

There is a great download on that site for anyone having frame rate problems using a Nvidia card. Its about the Riva tuner and how to set it up (a great utillity that once you have set it up you will forget its there.....i did)

😞 It states its for fs2002 😀 but works on your graphics card and not the sim so it will work with fs9 😀 (its in the articles section)

As i said once its set up you can forget about it (dont forget all tweaks at your own responsibility)

Thanks again Ricado for the link

Happy landings

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