Installing Piper Malibu

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I downloaded the Piper Malibu for FS2004 and followed exactly as described;
-" Unzip this package to a separate temporary directory, not directly into FS2004.

In this package you will find some extra folders. They are: fs2004_modules, fs2004_sound, and gauges.

The modules folder contains one file: fssound.dll. This goes into the FS2004 Modules folder. It MUST be present for this package to work properly. Because it is an FS2002 carryover the following line MUST be entered into your FS9.cfg file:


The fs2004_sound folder contains two files: dingdong.wav and RA_Beep.wav
The first one accompanies the STEC autopilot gauges, the second the Bendix-King KI-250 Radioaltimeter. If they are not placed in the main FS2004 Sound folder, you will receive error messages from FS2004.

Finally, the contents of the gauges folder in the FS2004 gauges folder.

Put the rest of the package in the FS2004 aircraft folder.

Additional information is contained in the docs folder. Keep that with the aircraft files."-

I opened FS9, choose the Piper Malibu, a destination and clicked "Fly Now".

The program just shuts down, period

Any help will be appreciated, Bernie Faessler

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I don't know if this will help but I can't load anything into fs9 that's not "GMAX". It crashes Windows (XP-Home).
This may be the problem that your having.

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😎 ALoha Bernie,
Its those type of files that make any system crash,not the design
program, first uninstall the files and throw them in the trash, next go to
either, or if they dont have any here, and D/ld
one of the 2002 malibu files that just need to be put in the main aircraft
file, life will be easier,since if the plane does not work all that will happen is either wierd flying,or 2004 will refuse to see it. Ric

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