ATC - Telling me to descend to earlie?

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When flying an IFR, ATC tell me "DY478, You are 69miles, turn right heading 58, descend and maintain Fl10, Expect vectors for r/w 27L" I descend to this flight level using the default descent rate, -1800fpm. I soon descend to my current level. The atc tell me to descend more so i do, before i know it i'm at 2500ft and about 20miles away from the airport, flying above the tree tops at 2500ft. Of course this dosn't happen in real life. When atc tell me to descend, should i descend at the default -1800fpm or should i descend at like -1300fpm?. Your the experts!


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Well in real life you will be asked to descend at 11,000 ft or 12,000 ft at about 40 nm from te airport..Now do you set your altimeter properly with the QNH given by the ATC else it will be a problem with the altitude you are seeing and where you actually are...You will need to set to the local pressure below the Transition Level....Suggest you to have Radar Contact...Default ATC is not realistic..

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Yup, I set the altimeter to the correct pressure, i do this about once every 10 minutes when climbing or decending. (Bress B, its easier). And why does default ATC make you turn left, then right a few degrees when decending? This a glitch in fs2004?


use VATSIM. It a fantastic very realistic ATC and is 1000000% better than default. You get to talk to real controllers and once you get used to it on voice you will never go back! 😛 😛

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Been there, Requires FSUIP or something, donwloaded it, installeit and followedthe instructions, says it cant connect toVatsim server (Although i AM signed up)

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Coming back to the original post, I have had the same experience. On a recent flight, ATC brought me down to the approach altitude, and then told me to climb about 6,000 feet to clear a mountain between me and the airport. 😳 Then, as I passed over the top of the mountain, they told me I was cleared to land-- the airport was now about three miles away, and about 8,000 feet down. 🙄

What a bunch of whiners those passengers were. 😂


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😂 I have been playing around with the iFDG Airbus A320, I downloaded a pannel too. Looks great. I just finnish a flight from Luton -> Dublin Int and ATC told me to descend from 32,000ft @ 108nm away, so idid, but only decending at 1400fpm. I made the glide slope perfectly.

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Don't forget airspeed plays a significant role in your descent profile...

If you descend at 460 kts GS you'll need 100 nm to descend 23.000 ft at -1800fpm, if you maintain 360 kts you'll only need a descent rate of about -1150 fpm to descend 23.000 ft over 100 nm....

**figures are a good approximation, no exact figures, for those amongst you who are gonna recalculate it :p

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