Converting FS2004 aircraft to FSX??

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Is there a way to convert my FS2004 aircraft to FSX? I kept all of my FS2004 aircraft and would like to convert to FSX if possible.

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Many of the gauges don't seem to work well in FSX, you can try them and see if yours do.


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I found that all of the planes designed for FS2004 work with FSX, except for the panels because FSX uses a new gauge format.

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I too have found that many 2004 aircraft appear to work well but do not display guages even when I put their guages into the correct folders. If it is as you say that FSX uses a different format, how soon might it be before we see the flow on of most of the 2004 craft converted to FSX?[/quote]

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bawls327 Captain

Yes I have done this as well. Some of them work perfectly but yet some do not.

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I have been working on modifactions (ie: creating panels, etc) of pre FSX aircraft, as well new aircraft (Mooney Mite, Aero Commander 680E, Piper PA-14 w/IO360) for FSX. It is difficult and time consuming, but very rewarding. A FORUM on Aircraft design and modification would be very helpful. I have succeeded modifying a PA-24 Comanche for FSX, but it is not totally bug free yet. I'll upload it when it is completely ready.

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dieselrotor Trainee

I found a few aircraft i downloaded when i first got FSX about 6 months ago. I got frustrated trying the same things so i started investigateing. the easiest repair i found was to purchase ($30.00 or so) panel maker from flight1 products and build you're own panel or just add the guages you want to the existing panel. you will stiil find not all gauges will work but you will be notified when you launch the plane that certain gauges will not work. just jot down the gauges it says wont work. go to you're gauges file in FSX and just removed and trash or save in a temp folder so you wont keep adding gauges that do not work. You can not create 3D or VC (virtual cockpit) panels with this but you can also make you're own gauges if you wish or change existing gauges etc.. but it will place working gauges in You're (F10 key) panel.
And with an editor such as photoshop you can edit the panel and drop it down a little then save it. and in the sim it will appear lower in front of you so you can see over it. but you have to remember to re-add the background(the see through OR windshield you just moved) or you will see this black line corresponding to the hieght you just dropped the panel ! (hope that made sense). hope this helps.

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