jetways at every gate

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Can anyone tell me how to get the automated jetways at every gate and not just a few. Thanks

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Right now they are only at certain airports that MS has added.
Later you'll be able to get free and pay downloads.

For now max out the scenery and they'll show.



can someone tell me an airport (ID) that has jetways?

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Anonymous wrote:

can someone tell me an airport (ID) that has jetways?

See if this helps.


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I would like to know what airports have the working jetways. I have an option to make them attach but none of them work at least they dont at MSP, Den, and Ohara. Which airports do they work in?

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Baltimore-Washington International (KBWI) and Seattle-Tacoma (KSEA)has working jetways. In fact, look for the major international airports. Look for the large and heavy gates. Plus, you'll need an aircraft that requires the use of jetrways.

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I see all of the jet ways but none of them attach or detach. I press the ctrl-j away from the gate and it tells me I have to be in a parking spot for that or a fuel truck. When I et into the parking spot at the gate I see it but it will not attach. Any Idea of what is wrong. I have everything maxed out. Drivers are upto date. I have a gforce 5200 256mb Video card Direct X 9.

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ur video card aint that good

learning2fly Guest

Which video card would you recomend that does not cost more than my car payment. Not a lot of money to go around this time of year.

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