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Why is it that sometimes when I arrive at an airport I donĀ“t get the taxi to the gate option in the ATC menu. It's pretty annoying to fly 4000nm and then find out you can't get to the gate... Fear
I'm assuming it's because there is no gate available, so is there a way I can guarantee having a gate when I arrive?

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😀 Did you land at a big airport or a small one (if you use the goto function in fs9 can you opt for a parking space or just the active runway?)

If you can only opt for the active r/way that means there is no parking at that airfield

Have you tried Afcad2? This little prog lets you increase the number of parking spaces to any airport(you can even make up your own)

Let us know how you get on


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I encountered the same problem when i landed at phoenix intl airport with a 747 the airport was pretty empty only a couple of 737"son the gate and a md-80 holding short for take off. Yeah its really frustrating.I cant figure out a thing. anyways
Happy flying

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I have just a quick thought on this one. Were you still on the active runway when you tried to get ATC to give you taxi instructions?? If so, it may be that you have to get off the active runway before they will assign a gate.

Try it again-- get off the active runway and come to a stop. Then try to contact ground control for taxi to the gate instructions. If the problem is still there I don't know how to correct it. 😕

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I have seen that happen a lot, too. Yesterday I flew from San Diego, California, down to Cabo San Lucas, and I had permission to taxi and take off, but when I left San Diego airspace it seemed like ATC sort of "forgot" about me. I never had the option to request flight following, never got a prompt for "nearest airport," and never got to request permission to land, so when I landed I never got to request to taxi.

It just seems like ATC forgets you're there, and there's not much you can do to get their attention. I have wondered if I could file an in-flight IFR plan to let them know I'm there, then cancel it later.


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