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Hi, this is my first post 😀

I installed Just Flight's Traffic expansion on FSX, and found a couple of bugs.

First is that some of the airports look a bit odd, and the second was that the voice packs didn't work.

I resolved the voices issue, and here's how in case anyone else has run into the same problem:

1) Go to c:/microsoft games/fsx/Sound
In there, you find these files:

2) Copy these files to c:/microsoft games/fsx/Sound/ATC

3) If you haven't already, fire up the "Traffic and Voicepacks" tool from Traffic, and set the voices that you want (I use all of them)

4) restart fsx, go to settings->general, and you should then be able to choose the voice that you want.

Still doesn't help that the voicepacks are incomplete... {and the install location thing really should be picked up in their product testing - guess rushing it out for christmas...}

I've not got any idea how to fix the airports though...


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