I know theres a special code for fs passenger!

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Oku know theres a code to un-lock the demo. i am useing the demo now and it is so stupid it will only let me take off from san fran. and i know thats all you can get from the demo but.... I used the unlocking code before but i never thought i would need it again.

so then i just deleted it and fs 2004 when i got fsx so if anyone can help it would be much appeciated! 😀

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Contact FS Passengers at ➡ http://www.fspassengers.com/?action=contact&title=lost%20unlock%20code, they will retrieve your code. I don't think FS Passenger will work with FSX at least not until they make a patch or new version.

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thanks but.. i am not sure that they will let me get that code if i use the demo. i am looking for the code for fs2004 not fsx. even though i do have fsx its just that it has alittle problem with running on my computer. and if you do know a site or just the code can you please help me. thanks again.

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Oh, I see. You have the demo and want the full version(to remove the limitations). Sorry but FS Pax is payware and it's illegal to give out codes. Some hacker sites(don't know any, try google) may have it but this site does not condone such behavior.

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